Welcome to Discovered People Matt!

This week we’re excited to have Matt Cook join us as our new Practice Lead. With 5 years recruitment experience across both Australia and Europe, he’s bringing a wealth of knowledge to our growing team.

We sat down with him to go over his background and reasons for joining the Discovered team!


  • Matt, where were you before Discovered? 


  • Why did you want to join the Discovered team?

I was very interested in joining a business at such an early stage, where my input and ideas will be listened to, and everyone has a say in how we can all make Discovered People as good as it can possibly be.

  • What are you most excited about so far?

The business is very heavily focused on high quality work, to match the high quality service we aim to provide. This goes hand in hand with the sort of approach I love to take.

Of course, as a recruitment business, our main aim is to find great talent for our clients, but if I look at the clients I’m most grateful to work with, the relationship is a true business partnership, a real two way street, where we both add value to each other’s businesses on so many more levels than just the recruitment front.

At Discovered, our aim is to have this level of partnership with all of our clients.

  • What’s your favourite part of being a recruiter?

For the most part, it’s mainly about working with companies that are building and providing really exciting products and services.

Particularly in technology, and even more so in the tech start up space, almost every company I get to work with is developing something the world hasn’t really seen before, on the cutting edge of technology.

When you’re speaking to these businesses, as well as the people that run and work for them on a daily basis, its very hard to have a dull day in my world!


To get in touch with Matt or the Discovered Team, reach us here.