Telephone interviews were once used as a way to speed up the hiring process. Now we’re all for that, but with the rise of video interviewing platforms we believe that telephone interviews are a thing of the past. Here’s our three main reasons why.

Never Miss a Candidate 

First off, we’re all super busy. Which means it’s not always possible to find half an hour or more to have a conversation with a candidate over the phone or in person. It becomes even more difficult if the candidate is still in a different role or interviewing at multiple places. 

This is where video interviews can allow flexibility for both parties via a link for candidates to answer at a time that suits them. It also means that you’re able to screen a higher volume of candidates in a shorter timeframe.  

Improved Screening

Next up, there’s the added advantage of being able to actually see shortlisted candidates over video before deciding whether to progress them to the next stage or not. Unlike with phone interviews, video will give you a much better indication of the candidate’s fit. 

You’ll be able to assess their mannerisms and gauge how confident they are, or if they’re struggling to make eye contact. You can see how they’re dressed and if they’re smiling or not, none of which can be done by phone. Yes, in a phone interview candidates will answer your questions and it can help speed things up, but the added advantage video offers takes the screening process to a whole new level. 

More Control, Less Investment 

With video interviews you have complete visibility and greater control of the entire interviewing process. At Discovered People we use software that can easily record and create a shortlist of candidates that have been through our video screening and best meet your criteria. You don’t have to take our word for it that the candidate is a good fit for the role, you can see for yourself through recorded video interviews. 

The shortlisted candidate videos will appear in your own dashboard, with their CVs and any other documents you’ve requested attached. You can then watch their videos and read all accompanying documents at a time that suits you. By the time you’re ready to meet the candidate yourself, you’re already way ahead of the game. Which means avoiding spending an hour with a candidate who you’ve discounted in the first five minutes, but feel obliged to meet.

Don’t Get Hung Up

So when weighing up the pros and cons, it’s clear phone interviews have had their day. Video interviewing allows us to provide a much better service to you, plus it gives your candidates a better experience too.


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