2020 was the year that no one could’ve predicted. Most elements of everyday life for people around the globe significantly changed  with the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a huge shift towards conducting everyday life online, and technology ended up being the one thing able to keep us connected while we were physically apart.

While over 600,000 Australians lost their jobs during the pandemic, a study by ING has also revealed that one in three (35%) Australian adults are likely to look for a new job post-pandemic going into 2021. 

So while in Australia we slowly make our way back to normal, there is no doubt that there’s been a huge shift in how workplaces are run across multiple industries, as well as a big move in popularity towards STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) roles. 

With technology proving to be the pivotal part of what kept most companies operational throughout the pandemic, it’s no surprise that in-demand skills have changed. Looking at what roles have become more popular, as well as where the future of work now lays we’ve pulled together some of our top predictions for top tech jobs to watch in 2021. 


Trending Tech Jobs to Watch in 2021

Cyber Security Specialists

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) report identified Australians lost over $634 million to scams over the past 12 months, with over 100 reports of COVID-19 themed scams. 

With the significant rise in cyber attacks and malicious scams, it’s no doubt that cyber security professionals will continue to be highly regarded and sought after going into 2021. 

Management/Organisation Specialists & Analysts

Behind all the technology that was pivotal in keeping organisations running in 2020, the people behind the software that were able to organise and analyse teams of thousands became increasingly vital.

Tracking and analysing how teams and companies performed throughout the year, is often what separated those companies that boomed through the pandemic to those that did not. There’s been a significant increase in searches for management/organisation specialists and analysts, and given the importance they play in an organisation we don’t see this trend decreasing going into the New Year. 

Software and Applications Programmers

Good programmers are always hard to find and in high demand. With the drastic changes in technology in 2020 many companies had to make the shift online, thus needing software and applications programmers to help support their overall technological growth. 

Across multiple coding languages, the never-ending search for talented programmers will undoubtedly continue into and well beyond 2021. 

Web Developers

A great positive to come out of 2020 was the creation of so many new small businesses. In today’s market all companies need a professional website to operate. We saw a huge rise in the amount of searches for talented web developers to support the creation of new websites, or completely overhaul existing ones to keep up with the new wave of technology. We see this trend continuing well into 2021. 

Game Designers

Throughout the year we all had a lot more free time, in which a lot of us spent that time turning to video games. While being a video game designer has always been a popular job path, with a significant increase in those actively participating in online gaming platforms we predict a trend in the amount of game designers and developers needed in the future to keep up with the growing demand. 

Computer User Support Specialists

With the whole world moving online to communicate and work, there was an influx of people who needed support in doing this. Computer user support specialists, helpdesk professionals, and general computer teachers were in demand throughout the year as many people wanted to be able to make the switch online with ease. 

Having the ability to both understand and easily explain technology to anybody is not an easy task, and the search for talented people who are able to do both of these sufficiently grew. We predict the need for these skill sets in the oncoming years to only grow as working remotely online becomes the new norm. 

Digital Marketing Specialists (eCommerce)

As most organisations transitioned into the digital world, companies that were once brick and mortar stores progressed into eCommerce platforms, needing specialist support to do just so. Digital marketers with the technical ability to build stores, analyse performance and optimise online sales were very sought after, but often difficult to find. 

The search for a good digital marketing specialist, especially those with an eCommerce background will only grow as people continue to see the benefits of transitioning their stores online in order to continue sales growth beyond traditional non-digital methods. 


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Written by Ebony McCabe for Discovered People


2020 has been a year of big changes for most people. If you’ve been lucky enough to keep the same job you had at the beginning of the year, there’s no doubt that many aspects of the role have likely changed since the pandemic started. If you’re one of the many that lost their jobs throughout the course of the year, there’s a possibility that you had to take on contract work or a role that perhaps wasn’t exactly what you’d been doing before.

No matter what the next step in your career is, or what your goals for 2021 are, it’s always good to have an up-to-date resume handy that properly represents your achievements as a professional.

So whether your 2021 goals are to find a new job, finally get that promotion or change career paths completely, we’ve put together our top 3 tips to make sure that your resume is ready for whatever 2021 holds. 


Personalise it to your future goals

A lot of people spent the forced downtime in 2020 completely reassessing what they wanted from a company, team, manager and ultimately where they wanted their career to go in the future. This could be within an existing industry or field, or a completely new one altogether. 

When writing a resume it’s always important to make sure it’s tailored to the job that you’re applying for. If you’ve had a change in role or industry, or intend on changing it in 2021, start personalising your resume to make sure that it fits the exact type of roles that you’ll be applying for. 

Add any new technologies you’ve worked with

I’m sure by now that everyone has seen the jokes about how the best leader of technological innovation in 2020 was COVID-19. There is no doubt that despite how awful the pandemic was/is, that one of the best positives to come from it was the forced shift to remote work, smart technology and companies having to learn how to effectively communicate and run online.

If you’ve become a webinar expert, video conference pro, learnt how to use a new program, technology or popular software throughout the pandemic, be sure to add it in the relevant skills section of your resume or LinkedIn profile. You may think that it’s just a piece of software or tech, but your ability to use a particular program or technology may be what separates you apart from the competition when going for other jobs or promotions. 

Include any new certifications or qualifications 

A lot of educational and learning organisations have been quite generous throughout the pandemic, offering free courses and certifications to up-skill your resume throughout lockdown. From Google to LinkedIn, Apple and TAFE there are a significant amount of companies offering free, or very cheap resources to become certified in a new area. 

Many of these free or reduced price courses are still available for you to take advantage of now. So, if you haven’t quite made the jump yet and picked up a new skill in 2020,  have no fear as there’s still a month until 2021 starts. Have a look at the list we prepared here and see how you can easily up-skill to improve your resume and impresses recruiters. 



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Written by Ebony McCabe for Discovered People