How many times have you had the exact same first interview? Explaining over and over what’s on your resume, some generic situation based questions and your career motivators. Depending on how long your job search is, it can get pretty repetitive. 

Rather than having this same first interview again and again, video interviewing is an increasingly popular way to showcase yourself as a candidate and skip this first interview step. 

With the rapid changes to how businesses use technology since COVID-19, it’s shown that video interviewing is just as effective, if not more effective than in-person interviewing. Given how much easier it is for both employers and candidates to now connect, we should really be questioning anybody who now insists on meeting in-person for a first interview. 

For any candidates searching for jobs, heres 5 reasons why video interviewing software is a huge benefit (and time saver!) for you. 


  • Interview From Anywhere

Apart from the obvious reason of minimising your risk of exposure to COVID-19, the fact is that taking the time to meet for interviews as a candidate can be difficult. Having to take time off work, schedule a fake doctors appointment or take leave can be frustrating, especially if you don’t get the role. 

Recruiting hasn’t stopped over this pandemic, it’s just changed to video interviews. This is really proved there’s no real need for face-to-face interviews anymore, which will ultimately save both the candidate and employer time.

  • Use Any Device

Not everyone owns a laptop, or only has access to a work device which may be a little awkward to use for an interview. With video interviewing you can easily meet and interview through your mobile phone or tablet, without any hindrance to the process.

  • Get Real Feedback 

Whether or not you get the first job you apply for, that interview can be used as an opportunity to give you valuable feedback to put you ahead of the competition next time. You can rewatch how you did, learn your strengths and improve where you need to next time. 

  • One Interview, Multiple Opportunities

Your one interview can be used multiple times for many different roles. Rather than waiting to hear if your CV made it to the top of the applicant pile, with video interviewing you either get an interview or valuable feedback to put you ahead of the competition next time. 

  • Skip the First Interview

With so many redundancies lately, it means there are hundreds of candidates’ CVs landing on recruiters desks. As some jobs are advertised by more than one recruitment agency and the client themselves, your CV can end up showing up on the hiring manager’s desk more than once.

If you’re successful, your video will be sent to top clients so you can skip that first interview stage. You can be moved to the second or even the final stage of the interview process. 

Sounds great right?


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