Are you Ready for a Career Change?

2020 has certainly turned out to be a year that nobody could have predicted. One of the few positives brought on by COVID-19 has been the downtime we’ve all inevitably had while in lockdown, which has given many of us the chance to refocus and reprioritise things. If you’ve spent any of that time either […]

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Discovered People + Tank Stream Labs Partnership

We’re excited to officially announce our partnership with Tank Stream Labs. Watch below as our Co-Founders Ryan Halson and Sam Yates sat down with Tank Stream Labs CEO Bradley Delamare to talk about how and why we’ll be partnering together. We’ll be doing a lot with our new partner. be sure to stay tuned for […]

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How to Prepare for a Video Interview

Video interviewing is by no means a new concept, however since COVID-19 they’ve become far more popular amongst hiring managers and recruitment agents. While more traditional face-to-face interviews are not possible right now, many companies have now realised just how convenient and time saving video interviewing is.  We use industry-leading video software to make sure […]

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The 5 benefits of remote working, and why you should switch over

Since the start of this global pandemic many of us questioned whether it was safe to continue working, whether it was from an office, warehouse, shopping centre or cafe. Since March thousands of workers had to switch over from commuting to work, to then working from home.  Some would say they have struggled to find […]

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5 reasons why you should only be video interviewing

How many times have you had the exact same first interview? Explaining over and over what’s on your resume, some generic situation based questions and your career motivators. Depending on how long your job search is, it can get pretty repetitive.  Rather than having this same first interview again and again, video interviewing is an […]

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How to best empower your employees

Every employee is a spokesperson and representation of your company. To create a company culture that both empowers existing employees and attracts the best candidates to your business, it’s no surprise that you need to value and appreciate your employees.  Beyond pool tables and Friday drinks in the office, now more than ever employees want […]

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